Gann's Master 15 Chart
W.D. Gann
Olga Morales
Astrology for Gann Traders

W.D. Gann had a 15 Day-15 Degrees
 of Longitude c

hart for the Dow Jones

30 Industrial Av


The uniqueness of this cha

rt is that he scaled it like a 24 Hour Clock where

one day was equal to one year-

straight out of the Bible.

I have discovered new information for serious Gann seekers not in the public domain!

This CD includes

1. An explanation of how Gann scaled his chart.
2. The specific Gann angles he used and why.
3. How he used the 24 hour clock and 24 grid.
4. Looking forward from 1940 and how the Jupiter/Saturn synodic cycle is involved - both for time and price.
5. Working out the TIME FACTOR.
6. Specific squaring methods using the 24 hour clock.
7. How to apply these methods to current Dow Data.
8. Gann angles demo to replicate his charts.

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