This Intermediate DVD series  features more insights into Gann's astrological applications.

(prerequisite is the completion of the Beginners Level).


COMPLETE Intermediate Course

Includes all 6 lessons on one DVD

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Lesson 1 

W.D. Gann's Time and Seasons


What you will discover.


On page 78 in TTTA Gann wrote about Time,

Time factors and vibration within minor time cycles.

Learn what they mean and how to apply them.


Why Gann used the 24 hour clock and the Four seasons?


Revealed in detail is the basis of Gann's Seasonal Dates and Mid-seasons which means you can easily project dates into the future. 


Be introduced to the Magic 90 degree dial and how to see Gann's 8th Harmonic working easily.


How to apply the Gann emblem from a major high or low and project these cycles into the future on the indices and commodities.


You'll learn a specific sensitive axis that is very active in the S&P 500.





Lesson Two

Declination - The Hidden Dimension

Gann had a Graphic Ephemeris called the Path of Planets, configured a certain way to incorporate planetary longitude and declinaion simultaneously.

Learn why Declination is called the Hidden Dimension.

Gann stressed the importance of the Seasons and Seasonal changes- learn why understanding planetary seasons can help you time significant turns in the markets.

Pythagoras taught that every force in the universe has a balancing counter-force.

Therefore, each degree of the zodiac has a counter degree mirroring its distance from the solstice axis

Learn about the ancient principals of Antisica and Longitude equivalents hidden in Gann's workings.
Also, George Bayer had a 5 fold horoscope showing these mirror points.


Lessons  Three and Four (double lesson)

Astro Stock Analysis


ASTRO STOCK ANALYSIS W.D.GAnn1. Cycles of Expansion versus cycles of  Contraction

2.Long Term cycles and Harmonics

3. Natal Chart Analysis

4. Finding sensitive degrees and what to do with them.

5. Detailed analysis on NYSE and Australian SPI

6. Transits and statistics.

Intermediate Lessons 5&6 (double lesson)


Harmonic Moon Cycles in the Stock Market

Lunar Vibrations

It has been said the towards the end of his life,
 Gann was only using the MOON to trade the Markets.

Did he leave us any clues?
Of course he did !