Squaring Price with Time
This is one of the most important and valuable discoveries I have ever made, and if you stick strictly to the rule and always watch an option when price is squared by Time or when Time and Price come together, you will be able to forecast the important changes in trend with great accuracy.
W.D. Gann  page 82 Commodity Course

Geometrical Angles

After long years of practical experience, I have discovered that Geometrical Angles measure accurately Space, Time, volume and Price.
These angles or moving-average trend lines correctly drawn will keep you from making mistakes or misjudging the trend.
If you wait and follow the rules, these angles will show you when the trend changes.

W.D. Gann -

Included in this course.
1. Gann's Geometrical Angles
2. Gann Fans
3. Working with the 1:1 or 45 degree gravity center.
4. How to scale your charts.
5. Squaring Price with Time

6. Gann Fans Demo using External link opens in new tab or windowOptuma's GannTrader

 Duration: 84minutes.
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