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“The reader may find in this book hidden treasures never revealed before. If it may trigger your further study into some of them then you may indeed discover something unique. The foundation is contained within these pages and hopefully it will dawn to me, as I hope for you, before the dawn of the 7th day 21st of March 2017

“My Gann files- Dawn of the 7th Day ” may even cause you to wake up at night as it does for me, thinking of how I can implement the ideas that keep me awake? 

I don’t know if it is intentional but the fact that when the first book is made available to the public Nov 17th 2015, it is a Red letter day.  That is exactly 490 days left to the dawn of the 7th day as Olga discusses in the book.  A very unique number which has a practical cyclic meaning.  So join the cycle, read and study with your heart and soul as there are 7 more to come.

Few have within them a personal esoteric understanding as well as a personal cycle that is so unique compared to most other humans. W.D Gann had it. I believe Olga has it too.

Oslo Nov 17th 2015.

Allan Blakstad                                                

Tunnel Lodge

My Gann Files -
Dawn of the 7th Day
Olga Morales
W.D. Gann
The study of Gann opens up a Pandora’s Box full of esoteric mysteries. As you search for clues and keys to decode TTTA, you find yourself being pulled into a metaphysical realm of the highest order. My Gann files include subjects as follows: Astrology, Sacred Geometry, Hermeticism, Kabbalah, Numerology, Tarot, Pyramidology, Gematria, Bible codes and Prophecy, Masonry, Egyptian Mysteries, Alchemy and the list goes on.

     In the past 13 years, my study of such sacred knowledge has occupied nearly every waking hour of my life. That’s what Gann study does to you. I’m sure every Gann researcher feels the same. At some point, the puzzle pieces start to come together and a picture emerges where the once separate pieces become one.

There is the famous saying that all roads lead to Rome, I would say that all roads lead to Egypt: the heart and soul of the world and the source of all knowledge. We know that Gann travelled to Egypt and India seeking to find ancient knowledge, just as Pythagoras.

     Through my studies, I have discovered that the Great Pyramid of Giza is the source and foundation stone of all the stories/cycles in the Holy Bible. Obviously, I’m not the first to discover this however; each one of us has a different orientation and perspective.  Gann tells you to read the Bible three times and that its the greatest BOOK for forecasting future cycles.


    The Bible in essence is a compendium of planetary phenomena turned into myths and symbolic stories/cycles.  The stories/cycles go way back into time when man started recording the movement of their gods (Stars and Planets) traversing the heavens and then disappearing, dying and resurrecting again. Measuring their movements required counting thus the need for mathematics and geometry emerged. Numbers were discovered as a result not just arbitrarily invented.


The Great Pyramid of Giza is prophecy in stone.

 I have found that a cycle encoded in the Great Pyramid and the Bible is due to end in 2016.


      My plan is to write 8 books covering my discoveries and observations that I have recorded in my Gann files. I have never claimed to be a Gann “expert” rather I see myself as a dedicated Gann researcher.

The topics may seem disjointed and chaotic, but I’ve tried to minimize the editing to keep my thoughts flowing. This is not a scholarly treatise rather a collection of my research notes and discoveries.

I will publish this book on the day that Saturn returns for the third time to its exact degree when Gann published TTTA on the 9th May 1927. The exact third return falls on the 14th November 2015, my 50th birthday! My jubilee tribute to Gann in word begins.

   Some quotes.

“Saturn rules the 7th Hour, 7th Day, 7th Year and 7th Millennium”.


“The vibratory activities of the planetary Universe are governed by a law of periodicity. Everything that lives has a period of birth, growth, fruition and decline. These periods are governed by Septimal Law”.


“The Great Pyramid of Giza is a testament to the ancient belief of Septimal Law. Seven gods or principals ruled the destiny and cyclic evolution of life on earth”.


“The Bible is a crypto-numeric code of universal planetary laws”.


 I’m publishing this first Volume as an ebook so that each copy can be watermarked

and therefore protected from internet piracy.

Cover Artwork by Aysem Askoy.

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 $77.00 AUD


Alternative payment options email me [email protected]

Each e-book will be Watermarked with your name to protect my work from Internet Piracy.

please allow 24-48 hours for E- Delivery

More Reviews

"Dawn of the 7th day" is impressive and amazing. This book should be an elemental component to one's library whether your a biblical scholar, esoteric researcher, or financial market participant. It combines all three fields into one work. A truly great and enjoyable book, I highly recommend it.  


Hello Olga,

I just wanted to thank you for your simply amazing book! The information is so beautifully researched and profound. I really appreciate the way this truth manifests age after age and you show us this so effectively.  Certainly many of us walk through the WD Gann door without knowing that this field leads to everything!

 Congratulations on your absolutely stunning work and for the important contributions to the field.

It will be a joy to live with this information and experiment with applications.

Warm regards,


Dear Olga,

I just have to tell you it’s brilliant; a masterpiece. It has opened up areas I have not taken in before. Easy and uncomplicated to read. Some of the best work I have seen in that area. I literally could not put the book down until the completion of the 1st reading. Absolutely riveting! The 2nd reading will begin this week. I can see you have been really inspired by W.D. Gann.

I look forward with keen interest to your future planned books.

Kind regards Chris

Hi Olga,

I want to congratulate you for the great work done. Finally a discussion of the issues clear and not codified that gave me many answers to what I was looking for a long time. I am anxious to see the contents of the next books. Thank you very much and have a good day.

Best regards.


" I am blown away! As a budding Vedic Astrologer, it was with curiosity that I wanted to read 'Dawn of the 7th Day'.
Olga's book has helped me to plug many gaps in my knowledge, especially the financial side if Astrology.
Highly recommended.
George Harley

'' This is a carefully researched and informative book that provides an outstanding analysis of
The W.D.Gann' novel, TTTTA,
For the past couple of years, I have read like a hundred books from authors that claim they found The secret or have decoded TTTTA, but when you start to read the first pages, you will KNOW That they don't have IT.
There are a few people in this world who are on the right path to discover the trading
Methodology of W.D.Gann, and I believe Olga Morales is definitely one of them.
Buy this book, you will not regret it. ''