Are you ready to take your astrological analysis skills to a higher level? 

This is the most dynamic DVD I have so far produced .
The lessons cover many new and unique advanced techniques to aid with both Intraday  TIME and PRICE.

You will not learn or read about them from anyone else!

*****(Not for beginners - please complete my Beginners course before you purchase this one).

************THIS DVD DOES NOT INCLUDE SOFTWARE************

Lesson 1. Basics of 4th & 8th Harmonics, midpoints and the 90 degree dial

Lesson 2. Using the Graphic Ephemeris to time changes in trend on a

                  Monthly, Weekly, Daily and Intraday basis - excellent for swing trading.

Lesson 3. Forecasting planetary peak periods - learn the basis of my OM's Harmonic Indicator

Lesson 4. Active degrees and planetary price conversions - How to apply Gann's methods Intraday.

Lesson 5. Intraday Timing

Lesson 6. One week's Analysis of how to use active transiting midpoints for price with a Live example - you will not have seen or read about it before!

Lesson 7. Squaring Price with Time Intraday - special unique method.

Lesson 8. Software tools and how to use them.

$495.00 AUD (Postage included)

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